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Monday, November 8, 2010

5 Things Girls Do To Look Better In Facebook Pictures


Remember the days of AOL chat rooms, when you could pretend to be anyone at all and no one would ever know? Nowadays it’s hard to hide your real identity, what with Facebook and all. So what’s an ugly girl to do to ensure that people won’t run screaming from her profile?

Here’s a list of the 5 best tips, tricks and cheats that ugly girls use to make themselves look somewhat normal in their facebook pictures:

1. Only Show Your Face

Ever heard the term Butterface? Everything looks good…but her face. Well, occasionally, the opposite can occur and when it does it’s not pretty. Actually, the face is pretty…

which is why they hide their flabby fannies:

2. Showcase Your Special Talent

…so that no one has to see your hideously deformed face. Um, is she twirling that baton with her crotch? See, I am no longer even remotely curious about what her face looks like. I do wonder how she trained her ass to eat that leotard, though.

3. Dim The Lights

Sure, when you can’t see the horrible acne scars, moldy teeth, and greasy unwashed hair they look great.

…but it’s a whole different story in day light.

4. Work That “Myspace Angle”

See, all the photography-savvy girls know that a good angle will hide practically any flaw. Which is why when you see a hottie in a picture like this…

She actually looks like this….

Sorry to burst that bubble.

5. Get Creative

Occasionally, you get a girl so atrocious that none of these other tricks work. That’s where the real creativity comes in…

Have you been fooled by one of these tricks? Share your story!