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Friday, October 15, 2010

Weezer To Release Rarities Album

By Travis Woods
cuomo weezer Weezer To Release Rarities Album
Sigh—the Weezer blitzkrieg of 2010 continues to roll irrevocably and mercilessly onward, like the inevitability of death itself but far more depressing (seriously, did you listen to Hurley?).  After releasing the aforementioned Hurley, and the announcement of the Blinkerton tour, Weezer has also announced a new album of old material—a rarities compilation called Death to False Metal.
Well, at least it’s a cool title, and the presence of Weezer music recorded in the 1990s at least leaves the door open for music that won’t suck.  Right?
According to Spinner:
“In addition to a cover of Toni Braxton’s R&B staple ‘Un-Break My Heart,’ the Weezer camp is cleaning out its closet with titles like ‘Turn Up the Radio,’ ‘Blowin’ My Stack,’ ‘I’m a Robot’ and ‘Odd Couple’ slated for the project.
“The 10-track disc, which was initially titled ‘Odds and Ends’ when Cuomo first spoke of it during a 2008 visit to L.A.’s KROQ, features material dating back to the early ’90s. Cuomo spoke collectively of these unreleased tracks as “great songs” and “great recordings” that never made the final track sequences of Weezer discs.”
Let’s just hope that the material that wasn’t good enough to make the last few Weezer records (imagine that—music so bad it couldn’t even be featured on Raditude) remains on the cutting room floor, and not on this new rarities comp.   Do it for the sake of humanity, Weezer.