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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shaun White Wins Dew Tour In Salt Lake City

Is there anything this guy can't WIN?

This post was written by: doglife - on Skateboarding Magazine.

Shaun White claimed his second Dew Tour victor on Sunday. White out scored X Games 16 vert gold medalist Pierre-Luc Gagnon during the final jam with runs that had all sorts of hard tricks in them. White earned a total score of 94.75, a full 4.25 points higher than second place finisher Gagnon. “To be honest, I put the same amount of pressure on myself no matter what,” said White after claiming his second-consecutive win on the Dew Tour in Sunday’s skate vert competition at Energy Solutions Arena. “I always want to win.”
And even though he’d already laid down the toughest tricks, including back-to-back fakie fives, a heelflip 720 and his own creation, the Armadillo, he attempted a backside 900 on his final run. “Just narrowly missed it,” he said grinning. “I didn’t plan to do that until Vegas, but I got all excited.” Despite two consecutive wins, White is fifth in the Dew Tour standings, which means he has a lot of ground to make up if he wants to earn the overall prize of the Dew Cup.