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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

25 Creative Ice Trays For ‘The Ice Cube’


the ice cube

Something as common and mundane as the ice cube need not be so anymore. This chiller gets creative now that with unusual, unique and creative ice tray designs to brighten up even the most killer drink.

Weather it’s spicing up a party or just chilling down on a hot summer afternoon, the ice cube is here to stay and so why not give ourselves designer choices.

Here are 25 creative ice trays giving different angles to the ice cube, certainly far from conventional:

1. Lekue ice cube tray

Made with flexible silicone, from Spain’s Lékué is the C’rush ice cube tray, which comes in three colors. It is not the conventional ice cube that you get with this ice tray but crushed like ice, like you break with a hammer.

the ice cube

The ice cubes are long and narrow in shape which can be easily broken. Since the ice cube from this tray is smaller, it even freezes easily.

2. Love Heart Ice Cube Tray

The ice cube from the Love heart ice cube tray says what you might not have said to your beloved till now. You can make heart shaped ice cubes in this tray with even the cupid’s arrow for the right effect, which can even double up as a handy stirrer.

the ice cube

The only downside to it, and a very little one at that, is that it can make only four cubes at a time!

3. The Mastrad Ice Cube Tray

Rather than using this ice tray for the ice cube, The Mastrad ice cube tray offers you the convenience of having home cooked meals by freezing purées or sauces in convenient portion sizes, to be used after a tired day at work.

the ice cube

It has a soft silicone base which helps the ice cube release itself with a soft push.

The water tight lid, held in place by a silicone edge, snuggly fits into the tray. The trays are designed to be stacked and spills in your freezer are prevented by a solid level base.

4. Bone Chiller Ice Cube Tray

The skull design trend has reached the good old ice tray too. Made with pure food grade silicone, the ice cube from this tray is shaped to give you a shiver down your spine.

the ice cube

5. The Simpsons Homer Ice Cube Tray

Made with durable and flexible rubber for easy ice cube removal, make any drink delicious with the Simpsons homer ice cube tray.

the ice cube

The ice cube from this tray is a must for any favorite Simpsons fan and a fun addition to an otherwise normal freezer.

6. Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Wow, this ice cube tray is a must for any James Bond fan. Get AK-47 bullets with this tray for adding the zing to your parties.

the ice cube

The ice cube from this tray will add sense of mystery in every glass you drop it in!

7. The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray

Directly inspired by one of the coolest films every made, The Yellow Submarine, this ice cube tray is a must have.

the ice cube

Nine little submarines from a flexible plastic tray, makes the ice cube from this ice tray a thing of envy for your neighbor.

8. Easter Island Head Ice Cube Tray

The ice cube from this silicone ice tray gives a touch of the south pacific mystery by producing cube à la Easter Island ice cubes.

the ice cube

9. Flexible Rubber Ice Tube Tray

This ice cube tray makes the ice cube from it fit any bottle to keep the contents inside cool.

ice cube tray

The thin tube shape fits into all kinds of bottles without any hassles. The tray flexes and the ice cube tubes pop out easily. Every tray makes 7 ice cubes.

10. IceBlox –Ice Cube Tray

Are you in love with various kinds of shapes? If yes, then this ice cube tray is for you.

ice cube tray

The ice cube from this tray is shaped into various geometric and tetris blocks shapes. Make any boring party interesting by dropping these ice cubes into your guests’ glasses.

11. Polar Ice Tray

No air bubbles and no impurities, have crystal clear ice cubes from this polar ice tray.

ice cube trays

Never to change the flavor of any drink, a layer by layer ice formation technique is used by this device and the ice is

12. Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray

Its no secret that diamonds are a girls best friend. What better way to spice up your drink with the ice cube from this food grade flexi ice tray.

ice tray

These three dimensional jewels of ice look cool and bring a bling to your normal glass of beverage. Spread and share this wealth of cool jewels with your buddies at the next party.

13. Snowflake Ice Cube Tray

Have snowflakes falling inside your home at a hot party. The ice cube from this snowflake ice cube tray will send you running for a fur coat with the thought of the onset of an early winter.

ice tray

14. The Ice Kabob tray

Yummy kabobs in the form of the ice cube, an exciting drop in your party glass.

the ice cube

This silicone ice tray makes three kabobs to be used as cold spears in a water jug, or as a swizzle stick for a happening party.

15. Subbuteo Flick & Kick Ice Tray

If you are in love with the subbeuteo flick and kick game, then this one is for you.

ice trays

Enjoy your beverage with one of your favorite teams, including the goalie. Nostalgia will take anybody who used the ice cube from this tray as he or she is reminded of the game being played as a child.

16. This Quicksnap tray

This one has even been a finalist at a recent arts design contest.

ice cube tray

This tray not only make the ice cube but also helps in easing your kitchen work by freezing curry pastes, fruit pulps and any other sauce that you might want to use at a later date.

17. Pliable ice-cube tray

This one is extremely cute. If you want to see fish with plastic skeletons, have the ice cube from this tray drop into your glass.

the ice cube

The ice can be easily removed from the tray by holding the fish tail and when the ice melts in your glass, the plastic skeleton goes to the bottom, resting there in peace.

18. Hello Kitty Shaped Ice

If you love kitty’s then this ice tray is for you. The ice cube is shaped in all kinds of kitty shapes. Not only ice, fruit juices and even jelly can be shaped and molded in this tray

ice cube trays

19. Lingotto Icecube Tray

Cold engraved ice cubes from this Lingotto ice cube tray. A zing thing for beverages in your cool party.

the ice cube

20. Lego Ice Cube Tray

It’s a flexible silicone tray which makes 10 lego ice cubes at one go. Your kids will love these shapes in their glasses.

ice trays

21. T.rex bones ice cube tray

Visit the prehistoric times with the ice cube from this tray. Add a charm to your drink with these T.rex fossilised bone shaped ice pieces.

ice tray

22. Marijuana Ice Cube Tray

Shaped as the Marijuana leaf, this ice cube tray gives you the ice cube you will sway away at your party with.

the ice cube

23. Cat-dog Ice Cube Tray

Have cats and dogs in your glass by dropping in your beverage the ice cube from this cat-dog ice cube tray. Make a boring get-together an exciting one.

ice trays

24. Boy and Girl ice cube tray

Drink away melting people, have these shapes in your drink to have fun with the ice cube in a very unconventional way.

ice cube trays

25. Letter Ice Cube Tray

From these three silicone tray set, drink away ‘the alphabets’ being produced by these ice trays.

ice trays