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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sculpture of Giant Middle Finger Hits Milan

By Max Fisher

When Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan designed L.O.V.E., an 11-foot-high stone sculpture of a hand extending a middle finger, which Cattelan says is a gesture to the world's "isms" or ideologies, even he probably did not imagine it would later grace a public square in a global financial capital. After all, his plan to "donate" it to the city of Milan was immediately and roundly rejected by city officials. Who on Earth would display such a large and outlandish piece of art?

But Cattelan's unique design seems to have struck something in the souls of Milanese stock traders and bankers, who announced they will place the sculpture in front of Milan's historic stock exchange--atop an enormous pillar, of course--for ten days. But not just any ten days: L.O.V.E. will greet the visitors who flock to Milan every year for fashion week, one of the city's biggest international events. L.O.V.E. is up now, and art blog Design Boom has all the photos you could possibly want, including a few showing the very complicated looking installation.