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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Top Five Naked Travel Incidents of 2010...So Far

5. Flight Attendants strip all over the world: It's a frequent flyer's fantasy, and it's been coming true thus far this year as flight attendants from Spain to Russia and back leave their uniforms in the overhead compartments and hit the runway the bare way. First it was sexy pics of British Airways FAs, then it was girls from Spain's defunct Air Comet stripping for their wages, and even Aeroflot got in on the action with a pinup-perfect calendar of their plane pretties. The coup de grace however was Russian airline Avianova's sexiest airplane commercial ever, which Australian FAs called for a ban on.

4. "Flying Pasties": As the first travel site to stumble upon the now-infamous crap product that is "Flying Pasties," we have to say that they will probably serve as the butt of jokes for the rest of the year at least. These stickers claimed to keep the prying eyes of TSA employees off your private bits when you stepped into the full-body scanners. What they forgot however, is that the scanners aren't deterred by stickers. $20 pieces of worthless junk, they are.

3. Nudists embrace Spirit Airlines' carry-on fees: When Spirit became the only airline charging for both carry-on and checked luggage back in April, the American Associate for Nude Recreation was quick to send us a statement in favor of the move. They posited that the "Nakation" could be the new thing, where travelers protest baggage fees by opting for nudist resorts that only require you to bring "sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, shoes and toiletries" on your travels.

2. The Museum of Modern Art puts nudes on display: In the only non airline-related nude incident this year, New York's Museum of Modern Art hosted an exhibition of Marina Abramović's work, which included some interaction with and much viewing of stark naked people. Sadly the exhibit has closed, but man were those some good times when tourists stumbled into the MoMA to find that.

1. The Full-Body Scanner controversy: Just when you thought you'd seen enough nakedness for one day, you're confronted with your own nudity. Yep, the TSA and other international airport security forces are looking at your naughty bits thanks to the help of machines, and they've got no plans on stopping. We discussed how naked you appear in scan, and we also talked about your rights when it comes the machines, but this issue is a hot one to be debated for years to come.

So...what's your favorite naked travel incident of 2010? Got a better story maybe?