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Friday, August 13, 2010

Tandem Parachute Flipping 1800m High (Vid)


Worldpremier with Tandemparaglider (

A special dream was fullfilled by Pal Takats with his co-pilot Gabor Kezi today: As the first Tandem-Duo in the world, they attempt a real looping with their 31 qm bi-place-parachute in Walensee (Lake of Walen) in Switzerland.

Lake of Walen, Switzerland: The adventure started high in the mountains in approx. 1800 m of altidude, where the fields where green and the surrounding amazing. After take off they were able to do 45 real loopings in a row, flighing straight of the parachute. With that first premier, the test pilots from U-Turn showed, what Aerodynamics never expected, real loopings with parachutes are possible, not only with hard wings.

'Of course, the borders of physics are set, but where excatly we still have to find out,&#xu2;01C says Ernst Strobl, Chef-Developer of U-turn. With a modified Acro-Parachute, Takats, one of the world bests acro-pilots, already did various loopings, called Infinity Tumblings. Since today, also in the double - with Gabor Kezi.

It was really tough. 'Due to longer lines, the way to pass for both pilots was even longer each looping.' Takats explanis. For us it was about 6 G. For the parachute it was even more, up to 12 G, which is a real challange for the material.