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Monday, August 9, 2010

'Lost' epilogue leaked online. And it explains everything! Sort of.

The 12-minute epilogue to "Lost," which is included in the DVD box set that releases Aug. 24, leaked online this afternoon. And honestly, it's like the good, 'ol days again, when we all pored through pages of Lostpedia and tried to figure out if obscure references made by Benjamin Linus actually contained meaningful anagrams.

The epilogue, in which Mr. Linus plays a prominent role, may not explain everything. But it does cover the following much-debated topics: the island's pregnancy issues, the presence of polar bears, Walt's specialness, the relevance of Room 23 and the Hurley bird.

UPDATED: YouTube's full clip, which we originally posted here, was pulled down. And so was the Jezebel link we provided earlier. So here's an official, partial clip, provided by Disney. You can't see all 12 minutes of the epilogue here but at least the video won't get yanked.

By Jen Chaney

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