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Previously on "Lost": A lot of sh** happened. And now that its run is over, we still have a lot of questions. Luckily, there will be one question answered for us: Who will spend the most money on props from the show? That's right, "Lost'"s creators are auctioning off pieces of the set August 21-22 in Los Angeles.

We combed through a preview of the items up for sale and, without further ado, here are our favorite 10 items, which we hope our sugar mamas will be bidding on:

10. Ben's Canadian and Swiss Passports

As soon as Ben revealed the secret closet behind his bookcase, we knew he was a badass. But then we saw his foreign passports and currency. Yeah, Napoleon can kiss his evil, manipulative ass.

9. Collection of 32 Dharma Beer Cans (Various Conditions)
Man, this takes us back ... Jin learning English ... so many memories.

8. Desmond's Photograph of Himself and Penny
Everyone's favorite Scotsman. A true hero. A true lover. And now we can own the only thing that gave him hope.
7. Eko's Staff (Complete With Bible Carvings)
Oh, Eko. So deep, yet so misunderstood. Your time with us was short, but the memories will last forever -- especially if we buy this staff.
6. Hurley's Lotto Ticket
Luck, good and bad, follows our portly friend, and here is quintessential totem of that fact.
5. Jin's Wedding Ring
You had us at "Others, Michael!" You had us at "Others!"
4. Dharma Films and Projector
No stag party is complete without some vintage Dharma porn on an old-school projector.
3. Sawyer's Letter of Inner Demons
It's definitely a little creepy to carry this paper around, but you're already bidding on items at a "Lost" auction, so whatever.
2. Locke's Knife
We would not want to be on the bad end of one of Locke's wheel-by knifings in the outback.
1. Sweet Package of Sayid
So, this is the only Sayid thing the preview mentions, but we're all hoping for the audio cassette of "How to Speak Like Sayid, Torture People and Bang Chicks."

The preview offered us just a little taste of what's out there. Of course, if it's anything like the show itself, they'll probably keep most of it for themselves.