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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jon Stewart Is the Star Wars Toy We Were Looking For

by Gonzalo Cordova

I think all Star Wars fans can agree, the most exciting and awesome scenes in all the films were the interminable political senate hearings in the second trilogy. My favorite is pretending all the weird aliens are just a race of Joe Liebermans. So it makes sense that Jon Stewart, with his political savvy, would be chosen to interview George Lucas on stage at Star Wars Celebration V

in Disney World.

The best part is that George Lucas presented Jon with an action figure of a "Stewart trooper," a storm trooper with Jon's head.

As you can see the figure is awesome. It's in the old school packaging. It's specifically from The Empire Strikes Back, the best film of the series and arguably the Citizen Kane of films where puppets help fight space rebellions. And it comes with three replaceable heads. That's two more than the real Jon Stewart has!

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The action figure switches between a clean shaven Jon and a goateed Jon, as well as a third generic Storm Trooper head.

As a special bonus, here's a video clip from the time George Lucas appeared on The Daily Show.

[Images via Collider]