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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clicker Brings 1,800 Web Series to the iPhone


Web video database has launched its iOS app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. An iPad-specific version is also coming sometime soon.

The app allows users to search, watch and discuss 1,800 web shows (there are about 200,000 episodes in all), and download and watch 12,000 additional shows from iTunes (iTunes) — though you could obviously do that last part on your iPhone already.

Clicker (Clicker) also claims that it will soon support both Hulu Plus and Netflix on the iPhone, although you’ll need the Hulu Plus and Netflix apps to actually watch those videos, a Clicker rep told us. The Netflix app isn’t even available in the app store yet, but Clicker plans to add Hulu Plus to the iPhone-specific index “sometime later this quarter,” though that last bit depends on Hulu Plus graduating from its testing phase.

Clicker previously maintained a web-based list of videos formatted in HTML5 for the iPhone and iPad, but a native app should prove much easier to use.

It’s not just about browsing and watching the videos, either. The Clicker app allows you to check in to shows Philo or Foursquare ()-style, see your friends’ activity in a news feed, check out what shows are trending, and see who (friends or others) is currently watching various shows.

A Clicker rep said that the “goal is to augment the experience,” so you can also browse content that’s not playable on your mobile device, as well as manage your Clicker playlist remotely. If a friend recommends a show but it’s not available on mobile, you can still make a note of it in the app and watch it when you get to a laptop or a desktop computer.