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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Want These Tron Legacy Sneakers

tron-legacy-shoes-video-small.jpgLast night at Comic-Con, Dixon and I attended a party for Tron Legacy that was intended to evoke a futuristic club (and would have succeeded, if not for all the Myspace signage). The best part wasn’t the Daft Punk music or the face-painted models. The best part was the shoes.

Behind glass, Disney showed off much of the Tron merch that will be hitting stores this holiday season, and that wonderment we felt upon seeing the first trailer (we’re not going to touch on the puzzlement we may have felt while watching Young Jeff Bridges plumb the uncanny valley in the second trailer) was nothing compared to the lust these light-up shoes evoked in us. Give some out as free swag, Disney! At least then the San Diego pedi-cabs wouldn’t try to run us over at night.