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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Americas Got Talent: Fighting Gravity Lights up a Room

by Emily Exton

It’s been a long journey, but we’ve finally made it to the live auditions of America’s Got Talent. While there may be some questionable acts still in contention, Fighting Gravity is one that certainly deserves a shot at the $1 million prize. They’re a mix of the ABDC champion JabbaWockeeZ and Kanye West circa his Glow in the Dark Tour (blame it on the hidden faces and neon sunglasses), and even after watching their performance multiple times, I’m still surprised at how many of them are actually on stage when the lights come up:

We learned a little bit about these fraternity brothers at their New York audition. Nick lauded them as an act that “HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF America’s Got Talent,” and warned audience members that every light in the building was about to go out (so they can kidnap you and take you back to their planet…eh, or something). They’re a bunch of engineers and business majors with no previous dance experience, who just want to headline a show on the Vegas strip (though doesn’t everyone on this show?). Even if a close camera shot revealed a bit of the mystery during their New York audition, they are still pretty cool and refreshingly different. Add a few songs that I could sing along to, and I’d be hooked watching these guys for hours. If forced to chose between Fighting Gravity and basically any other act in the competition? I’d pick these guys every time.