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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Making The Perfect Burger (Infographic)

Posted by: Heesa Phadie

Just in time for your Memorial Day barbecues and the coming summer grilling season we bring you the essential infograph on what makes the ideal burger. Of course everyone has their preferences but this guide will show you how to please the masses if that’s what your aim is.

The burger aficionados over at A Hamburger Today have been doing weekly polls on what eaters want in a burger. We’ve taken the data (with their permission of course, thanks guys!), crunched the numbers and have come up with the perfect burger…and also what would presumably be the least appetizing burger. Not sure how you’re going to accomplish that deep-fried 1 1/2 inch thick rare burger but I know I wouldn’t want to try it. What makes the perfect burger and meal to you?

…and if eating all this deliciousness makes your ass nice and round, this is perfect for you.

[click the image to view full size]