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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awesome Class of 2010 Senior Post-It Prank

Posted by: Dutch Mechanic

Every year as the Seniors from high schools across the land come to the end of their 4-year tenure, they often take it upon themselves to be remembered in a special way to classes yet to come. Senior pranks have been performed on campuses for many decades now, and although their attempts are often looked down upon by administrators (with hopes to end all fun), some group of students usually get away with a good one.

We’ve all heard stories of the kids that weren’t allowed to graduate because of the aftereffects of their tomfoolery, like the kids that got arrested for vandalism the other day, or the kids that got arrested for truancy when two groups from rivalry schools decided to switch attendance.

All that being said, the really good “pranks” are the ones that have a big wow factor, are memorable, fun and don’t cause harm or get anyone in trouble. That’s exactly what this group of students have done. They covered the walls of their Science Hall with thousands upon thousands of colorful Post-It notes.

I’m curious as to how long this took, how many students were involved, how much they spent on the notes and how many notes in total were used. This is a nice, bright colorful, fun way to get your name in your High School memory books. I’m sure the class of 2010 will be remembered for quite a bit here.

….and speaking of pure awesomeness, check out this radness.

[click for full-size panorama]

Here are some other cool Post-It designs


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