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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Johnny Depp's Rango Trailer Has Arrived (vid)

Now we've got the trailer! Huzzah!


Comedy ExaminerScott Wampler

Just earlier today, we released the official movie poster for Gore Verbinski's latest collaboration with Johnny Depp, Rango. We also included a little teaser trailer that told us absolutely nothing about the film. Well, now Paramount's released the first full-length trailer for the film, and we've got a much better idea of what to expect when Rango hits theaters next March (in glorious 3D, we're sure). It may be the weirdest, most inexplicable kids' movie in some time, but Rango definitely looks like it'll be original. See the first trailer for yourselves below, my gentle Examiner readers...

Earlier today, we unleashed the poster on the right for Gore Verbinski's Rango, an animated comedy starring Johnny Depp due to hit next March. Now Paramount's released the first, full-length trailer for the film, and we've got a much better idea of what we can expect out of Rango. Check it out, folks:

UPDATE: Check it out at the 1:47 mark in particular-- that appears to be Hunter S. Thompson's windshield that Rango's bouncing off of, doesn't it? What do you guys think-- that's definitely supposed to be the Good Doctor, isn't is? Dig it:

That's Thompson, right? Anyway, here's the trailer:

Am I crazy, or was that Tom Waits singing on the soundtrack? It's not like I needed another reason to check out Rango when it arrives next March. Adding Tom Waits to something makes it instantly 400% cooler. Look at Book of Eli: that movie would've been pretty awesome on its own, but with just a twist of Waits, it became kick-ass. All movies should follow this lead. As for Rango, we're still unclear on the plot beyond the fact that it stars Johnny Depp as a chameleon with an identity crisis, but the picture's starting to get a little more clear with each new update the studio releases. Stay tuned for more Rango updates as they become available, my precious snowflakes!