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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World’s Largest Car Dealership Has Rooftop Racetrack


World’s Largest Car Dealership Has Rooftop  Racetrack

Featuring a roof-mounted racetrack outside and 56 separate bars inside, the 708,661 square-foot Autopia Europia in Istanbul, Turkey will be the largest car dealership in the world. It's currently under construction, but here's a peek at the automotive wonder.

As you can expect, its designers don't envision Autopia Europia as a car dealership, but rather a car mall featuring 200 individual showrooms, 48 service stations, 42 insurance companies and 24 banks. Over 400 brands (we didn't realize there were that many), will be represented with 2,426 models. All areas of the mall will be accessible by car.

Rather than racing, the rooftop track is expected to be used for new car test drives, free from the traffic the 6 million annual visitors are expected to create on the surrounding roads. (Hat tip to Tom!)

[GAD Architecture via DVice]

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