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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Tribute to Jim Henson


It was 20 years ago today when one of the most inspirational, educational, muppetational men of all time died, the one and only Jim Henson. We here are Gunaxin are huge fans of Henson, especially the Muppets, and if there were a Mount Rushmore meant only for creative people, you better believe that his hippie face would be up there. So without further delay, here is our tribute to Jim Henson.

Henson Tribute Videos

Jim Henson Statue

This statue is located at Henson’s alma matter, the University of Maryland at College Park.

Gunaxin’s Muppet Tributes

A Tribute to the Swedish Chef

Bork! Bork Bork!

A Tribute to Beaker

Meeeee Meeeeee Meeeeee!

A Tribute to Animal

Woman! Woman!

A Tribute to Statler and Waldorf

Here’s to our favorite hecklers.

A Tribute to The Dark Crystal’s Chamberlain

To the most annoying, whining full-bodied Muppet.

More Muppet Videos

Own the Muppets

Buy Kermit, Gonzo and Animal!

In this economy, there’s no better way to cheer yourself up than to own these guys.

Dress like a Muppet!

Jim, it’s been 20 years since you left us, and dammit, we’re still mourning your loss as if it just happened. We’ll end this tribute with a song.