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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adult Game 'BoneTown' Lets Your Inner Degenerate Out (NSFW)


D-Dub Software BoneTownThere are few subjects that video games have yet to explore. Thanks to D-Dub Software's graphic, cartoon sex title -- appropriately called "BoneTown" -- we can scratch this off that list: "engage in a threesome with a Hasidic redneck and his busty trailer park wife."

Everything your mother warned you about is not only featured in "BoneTown," but encouraged: promiscuous, unprotected sex (in the streets, no less); various drugs; and strangers being beaten with a bat. It also features Ron Jeremy.

If that wasn't politically incorrect enough, the goal of the game is to grow your balls (by completing missions and having sex, natch) and stop an evil corporation called "The Man" from encroaching on your inalienable "rights."

If you have a pulse (and a brain), chances are something in "BoneTown" will offend you -- whether its the portrayal of women as mere sex objects or the concept of "working your way up" by sleeping with fat women before you can do the kinkier stuff to gals with supermodel bodies.

Click through to watch the (very NSFW) video. Don't say we didn't warn you.