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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For sale: The world's smallest house (7ft wide, 47ft long, and going for a mere £110,000)

By Mail Foreign Service

At just over seven feet wide and 47 feet long, this tiny building is one of the smallest functioning homes in the world.

The 312-square foot 'Little House' of Toronto, Canada, has developed a cult following and even has its own website.

Back on the property market for £110,000, the comfortable home surprisingly comes with three rooms, including a normal sized bathtub.

Enlarge it's so itty bitty

It's so itty bitty! The infamous 'Little House', squashed between two other grown up house on a Toronto street

Enlarge tv room

Living large: The living area and TV room of the Little House - just seven feet wide

With a front drive that parks two family sized cars - even though the house itself is barely big enough to swing a cat round - it still comes with all amenities.

Sitting on Day Ave in Toronto's Little Italy, the home has been viewed almost 40 times since it went on the market.

It is described in the estate agents guide as a 'unique home in good condition overall and has been well maintained'.


Compact kitchen: The cooking/laundry area of the Little House

back yard

Good storage: The 47-foot long house has a wee back garden also


Just enough room for two (and a bottle of wine): The garden area of the Little House

As well as its ample 2.36m-high ceilings, the Little House also has a decent sized basement for storage space.

'The interior of the house seems much more expansive than the small exterior,' said real estate agent Antonio Nardi.

'It has a full bathroom, a kitchen and a decent sized bedroom with a fold up bed that gives more room when up.

'This is a great and historic purchase.'

Built in 1912, the Little Home has become a celebrity in its own right over the past 98 years.

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres has even expressed an interest in one day owning the Little House.

street view

Blink and you'll miss it: Little House as it appears on Google Street View


Manny Amadi April 8, 2010 at 1:44 AM  

Not very practical, I,d knock it down and build a garage!