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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dancing girls promote strip club in see-through bus


Deja Vu Showgirls strut their stuff on a windowed bus rolling through Bay area streets.

BAY NEWS 9 -- A Tampa strip club has hit the road for a promotional stunt: Déjà Vu Showgirls are dancing in a big windowed bus, which is driving around Bay area streets.

"Of course there is no nudity because it's just advertising. Simple pole dancing," said Eric Terrell, general manager of the strip club.

A number of drivers paid a lot more attention to the bus than the road. Some even took pictures and video with their cell phones. Others were concerned for their own safety.

"The semi comes off the exit ramp -- we're on Dale Mabry -- and is obviously very distracted," said Paige Madison, a driver. "They see like 10 weird people in a see-through truck and like, I was scared, I had to merge over to the left lane because the semi wasn't paying attention."

The dancing women on the bus said they try to avoid offending anyone.

"If we see people we're going to offend, we sit down, because we don't want to offend anybody," said Twee, one dancer.

Although the women on the bus are local, the bus itself is not. Bay News 9 found that officials in Las Vegas had a problem with the same bus, and they eventually banned it.

Now Déjà Vu is sending it across the country. Authorities said it will probably only be in Tampa for a few days before it goes to Miami for Super Bowl week.