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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'Pants on the Ground' ripoff: Detroit's Green Brothers say they were first in 1996

By Jessica Nunez |

100126-back-pockets-on-the-floor.jpgThe Green Brothers of Highland Park claim their song 'Back Pockets on the Floor' was copied by the famous 'American Idol' song 'Pants on the Ground.'As 62-year-old General Larry Platt and his "Pants on the Ground" video became the stuff of viral gold over the past two weeks, scores of people were probably sitting around kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.

Not the Green Brothers.

According to Gerald Green, one half of a hip-hop group from Highland Park, they did think of it first -- and recorded it in 1996. And they want to make sure everyone knows it.

Gerald, who contacted Fox News Detroit about his dilemma, says their song "Back Pockets on the Floor" has the same intent, ideas and general message as Platt's.

Which doesn't seem like such a big deal -- plenty of people complain about how young people dress.

But if you listen to the "original" version, you notice some very similar wording and even similar rhythm in the delivery.

The Brothers posted this message along with their video on YouTube a few days ago:

This is in regaurds to the General Larry Platt "Pants on The Ground". His song is a take off of the Green Brothers song " Back Pockets On The Floor'. Back Pockets On The Floor was written by G. Green andwas copyrighted and recorded by the Green Brothers in 1996. The General's song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message. YOU BE THE JUDGE AMERICA!!

What do you think? Is this for real? And is it a big deal?

The Green Brothers version, 1996:

General Larry Platt's version, 2010:

Video: Who are the Green Brothers, self-claimed originators of 'Pants on the Ground?'