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Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Get Free Inflight Wi-Fi This Holiday Season

Holiday travel can be a tiresome experience. If you want to relax with a little Wi-Fi on the plane, has compiled a list of the codes you can use to get free internet access during your holiday excursions.

Yesterday we showed you the inflight Wi-Fi cheat sheet, and according to the chart there are really only four airlines where you even have a chance of finding the internet: Delta, AirTran, American Airlines and Virgin America. The first three require a code to get free Wi-Fi, but Virgin America doesn't.

According to FlyerTalk and, these are the codes you'll need to use on Delta, AirTran or AA. All expire on December 31:
American Airlines: AATRYGOGO

Edit: Reader Fo just reminded me that these codes are for new users only, and work once per email address. The same likely applies for the codes below. (But if you have a Gmail account, you can insert random periods in the username to create "unique" addresses that all go to your account.)

Edit 2: And a friendly reminder: If you end up using inflight Wi-Fi, check out how to join our Mile High Club

If those don't work for whatever reason, FlyerTalk and also reference these three codes. They should be valid until January 7:

• 2287548427snk
• 2472564126dvu
• 2285632980tlk

If you're flying Virgin America, you don't have to do anything. Google partnered up with the airline to provide free Wi-Fi throughout the holidays until January 15.

Those are your best bets. Hopefully free Wi-Fi will make your holiday travels a little more tolerable. [My Money Blog, Virgin America]

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