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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

25 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography


In this article, you’ll learn that how you can transform snaps of real full size subject matter into what looks like small scenes, all with the help of Tilt-Shift Photography. There are two ways to achieve this; either use Photoshop or use your camera with a special lens to control the rotation relative to the image plane and movement parallel to the image plane, tilt and shift.

Tilt controls what is in focus and shift allows you to change the line of sight while keeping it parallel to the subject being shot. In both cases, the results are simply amazing. Just have a look at these photos!

Bridge in spain by Jamble

Snowdon railway by Angusleonard

Vatican Stairs by Toshio

Planes by Bockstark Knits

Outside Waterloo station by Cloudsoup

Tilt shift rush hour by Alexci

Football Miniature Tottenham by Glenn Karlsen

Tiltshift TEST 2 by Bm102938

Real models by Kennymatic

Piazza del Duomo by Bjorn Giesenbauer

Funicolare di Como Brunate-Explored #9 by JeRoseL’06

Hoover Dam in minature by Karl Randay

Very small / Muy pequeño by SantiMB

Little game by pattagon

Veracruz temple tiltshift by Forzart

My tank trucks

My own Oil Tanker

Roofs from above

Miniature tate modern by jeangenie

l’Amphitheatrum by tHE PypEr

Old Steam Train by Aussiegall

Met Tilt Shift by hey tiffany!

Messin around with chairs by philipyk

Tilt Shift - Puente del Inca, Mendoza, Argentina by Al Zuwaga

Atomic Test by Astro-Chimp

Fishing boats by SantiMB