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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Want to buy 5,000 leftover 2008 Beijing Olympics condoms? Look no further!

The words “leftover” and “condoms” are not typically combined to start a sales stampede, but one Chinese collector of Olympic memorabilia is hoping he will be able to unload his 5,000 condoms from the 2008 Olympics at an auction.

100,000 condoms were distributed during the games, with this guy somehow ending up with 5% of them. His wildly optimistic plans for getting laid fell short, and now you can have these condoms for a mere 5,000 yuan ($730) minimum bid.

The auction, very tastefully named the “Exceptional Auction of China Sport Collection,” will take place November 29th. With each condom possibly going for just 14 cents, that’s a great value.

Auctioneer Guo Lei said, “Although anyone married should be interested for their practical use, some people will be too shy to bid for the condoms.”

The condoms are inscribed with the Olympic motto - “faster, higher, stronger”. I can’t imagine why condoms labeled “faster” never got used. Though Michael Phelps was intrigued by the claim they would get him higher.

If you’re interested in bidding, the auction is unfortunately for all 5,000 condoms, thus narrowing down the list of potential bidders to Wilt Chamberlain’s ghost and as a gag purchase by whoever drew Shawn Kemp as their Secret Santa recipient this year.

Beijing Games condoms to hit China auction block [AFP]


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