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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lego Cheeseburger Combo is Brickalicious!

By Eran Abramson

lego cheeseburger combo

In case you wanted a complete Cheeseburger combo with all the fixings, french fries and coke but without the calories, then this Lego Cheeseburger combo looks really brickalicious. The only thing is that it isn’t edible, but it sure could get a Geek salivating.

lego cheeseburger

tasty lego hamburger

Another beautiful Art creation by Let’s Brick that almost stacks up next to the Cheeseburger Bed we saw before, but this one provides a new form of inspiration and really went all out with so many different Lego bricks. It doesn’t use just the regular bricks, but it made sure to get into a full stack, as to make up with all the details.

lego hamburger

tasty lego cheeseburger

This cool Cheeseburger combo is made up of the actual Burger, that is built from the ground up with the Sesame seed bun, burger, a slice of melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles and even some sauce for an extra flavor. In order to make sure you are not left hungry, the paper bag of Fries is completely full, and the actual thick fries sure look fresh. Once you are finished with you meal, you can quench your thirst with a Lego coke that seems like a mighty tasty beverage.

lego french fries

lego fries

This is a complete Lego meal that cannot be passed up, and as mentioned before, is not calorie ridden. unfortunately, just like the Hamburger dress it also won’t satisfy your actual taste buds. If you are truly interested in a tasty burger, then the huge Burger and Fries cake is a sweet one to take a bite of.

lego coca cola

lego cola

tasty lego cheeseburger combo