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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soccer Taunt Backfires on Goalie (Video)

Soccer Taunt Backfires on Goalie

Taunting. In American football, it is addressed by a penalty and sometimes a fine. In soccer it varies. As this video makes clear, not all taunts are created equal, however. Taunts can work in two ways, either the person taunting the opposing team backs it up, or he doesn't. And then of course there's the reaction. Sometimes you get punched, or sometimes this can happen.

In the case of this soccer goalie, he clearly drops the ball on backing up the taunt. The shooter, however, throws it back in his face with a great taunt of his own. Let's set the stage. The place is the 2009 America East Men's Soccer Championship Semifinal. The teams are Stony Brook and Hartford. The game has come down to a shootout.

The shootout is tied 1-1 when the shooter for Stony Brook steps up to take his shot. If you fast forward to about 20 seconds in, the Hartford goalie, instead of doing normal warm-ups, begins to do cartwheels back and forth in the goal. Perhaps it was not meant as a taunt, but it surely was taken as such by the Stony Brook player. An all-out soccer brawl wouldn't have surprised me at that point. Of course the goalie blows it and the goal goes in, and that is when the real fun starts.

After not backing up his taunting, the goalie becomes subject to the shooter mocking his cartwheels. As the goalie tries to walk away, the shooter follows him around mimicking the cartwheels the goalie had done. That's got to be pretty embarrassing. The moral of the story? Don't taunt someone when you can't back it up. Oh and another moral: definitely taunt a person who taunted you if you get the better of them. It is hilarious and emotionally satisfying I'm sure.

Here is the full Video of the Shootout

Hat Tip Video - [DeadSpin]