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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wis. mom teaches teen son how to shoot heroin, son dies of OD

Photo by nicasaurusrex
A 46-year-old Burlington mom is in some serious trouble after she allegedly taught her 16-year-old son how to shoot heroin. The teen ended up overdosing and now prosecutors connecting her to the death. Parent of the year award! Thank you Wisconsin for showing us everything we don't want to be in life

Patricia L. Strosina is charged with intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child resulting in death. She could face 25 years in prison if convicted in connection to her son's Sep. 14 death.

When police found the teen, he was slumped over a desk at his dad's house with a syringe, a burned spoon and other drug paraphernalia. He died of an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

The story of this teen's fall into hard drugs is extremely depressing, especially for any parent who actually cares about their kids.

Several witnesses, including a case worker, told investigators that the teen had been shooting heroin with his mother and that she originally taught him how to do it. She would even bring him along on drug runs and shoot up with him. Witnesses even saw her shoot him up. Strosina admitted to doing drugs with her son and said she used heroin with him a week before his death.

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
The sheriff's department investigator was told that Patricia Strosina would take her son along with her to buy heroin and that she would "not cut Ray off because he would get sick" from withdrawal.

The woman also was seen smoking marijuana and crack cocaine with the boy, according to the complaint.

One witness described how Strosina, her son and others would shoot up in Strosina's car after a drug run and how the only conversation that took place in the vehicle would be about "who would get the first needle and who would get the last bit of heroin."

She said on one occasion, after a drug buy, that she shot heroine while driving before passing it to her son in the back seat so he could use the drug.