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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Top 100 Most Searched-for Hotties on the Net

Why the top searched-for women on the Web? You've seen the other Web sites' top 100 hottest women lists, which are either based on editorial discretion (Olivia Wilde?) or notoriously inaccurate Internet balloting (Eva Mendes?). But we think how many times the general public types a woman's name into the search box when they don't know they're being surveyed renders the truest indication of how much heat she's really bringing. This makes Asylum hotness scientists or, at the very least, hotness statisticians.

Our results are based on searches done on AOL's Search Engine over the past year, and we've weeded out the females who are clearly not being checked up on for their physical appeal and charming nature (sorry, Martha). It's far from a foolproof system -- heck, even we were surprised by our number one -- but if network news can call presidential elections with 4 percent of the votes tabulated, we feel comfortable calling the Top 100 Most Searched-for Hotties with 3 percent of the searches on the Net.

And so, without further ado:

Top 100 Most Searched-for Hotties on the Net

And for an overview of the list, click here.