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Friday, October 2, 2009

Seth Rogen As The Green Hornet

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Green Hornet fans have been waiting ten years for the movie to come to the big screen, and Seth Rogen has gone through a major makeover to make that happen. He’s lost 30 pounds and we almost didn’t recognize him as an action hero of the set of the movie today! Seth was snapped filming action scenes with really cool twists, turns and props!

See Seth In Action

The usually cuddly bear that is Seth is no where to be found, and in his place is a slender hot action star! Paired with Cameron Diaz in the movie, Rogen plays Britt Reid. By day, he's a dashing newspaper publisher. By night, he's a crime-busting super hero. Diaz is Lenore Case, Reid's secretary and one of the few people aware of his double life.

See Pictures of Cameron Diaz and Seth On Set

However hot Seth might look, fans will have to wait until December 2010 to see the film on the big screen.