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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Green Graffiti: Monstrous footprints of the mysterious creatures


big animal footprints

Since the prehistoric times, our planet has been home to so many mysterious creatures. While some vanished out of existence completely, others are still there peeping through those remote haunts of extinction. They keep on reminding us that their tale, the Yetis’ and the dinosaurs in particular, is not yet over. Various reports citing researchers and paleontologists confirming their existence through some massive footmarks substantiate the above-stated belief. Here are the images of the monstrous footprints of the mysterious creatures to alert those who are skeptical about their existence in the past and present as well.

1) Saurapod

monstrous footmarks 1

Location: Jura plateau of eastern France.

Discoverer: Marie-Helene Marcaud and Patrice Landry.

Speculation: Supposedly, these are the biggest ever footmarks of the Saurapod.

2) Yeti, the abominable snowman

monstrous footmarks 2

Location: Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himlalayas.

Discoverer: Josh Gates.

Speculation: Confirms the existence of the creature known as the Yeti.

3) Archaeopteryx

monstrous footmarks 3

Location: Solnhofen limestone quarries in Germany.

Discoverer: Anonymous.

Speculation: Birds probably evolved from small meat-eating dinosaurs.

4) Pterosaurs

monstrous footmarks 4

Location: Brazil’s National Museum in Rio.

Discoverer: Anonymous.

Speculation: Their feet had several layers of fibers to control movement.

5) Dinosaur:

monstrous footmarks 7

Location: Durlston Bay.

Discoverer: Ian West and Tanya West.

Speculation: Deflection of central claw to the left side for speedy chase of their victim suggests how enormously agile they were.

6) Australopithecus:

monstrous footmarks 9

Location: Ileret in Kenya.

Discoverer: Dr Matthew Bennett.

Speculation: Australopithecus were the first “humans” with long legs and short arms like modern Homo sapiens.

7) Allosaurus

monstrous footmarks 5

Location: A stone pit near the dinosaur park Muenchehagen, Germany.

Discoverer: Anonymous.

Speculation: Excavation shows how massive these theropods were.

8) Dinosaur footprint alongside a human footprint:

monstrous footmarks 8

Location: Paluxy riverbed near Glen Rose, Texas.

Discoverer: Anonymous.

Speculation: Fossilized human footprint alongside a dinosaur footprint seems to be impossible. Were humans there in the Pre-Jurassic era?

9) Rare dinosaur footmarks

monstrous footmarks 10

Location: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

Discoverer: University of Utah geologists.

Speculation: Geologist Seiler says:

The direction the dinosaurs walked either was dictated by the large dunes that bounded this wet area, or it could be communal behavior, like walking together as a pack.

10) Yet another Yeti footprint:

monstrous footmarks 11

Location: Nepal- Tibet border region of the Himalayas.

Discoverer: A team of mountaineers heading for Everest.

Speculation: The footprint twice broader than a normal human foot testifies that Yetis are still here.