A Halloween Party of wickedly sexy cocktail recipes with tips on ghoulish garnish for your glass, candy eye balls included! Take a sip...

Sexy, Seaonal Classics -- Halloween Cocktails

Cut through the blackest night with this trio of tasty orange libations.

1. The Halloween Candy Corn Cordial
Bet you haven't tried candy corns like this...


2. Rumpkin Cocktail
Garnish with a vertical cinnamon stick to serve as the "stem". Round the look out with a green napkin to complete the pumpkin motif.


3. Long Hot Roll Night in the Pumpkin Patch
Tie off a knot on one end of a long, black licorice whip and serve it as the swizzle stick.


Oozing Green Fluids -- Halloween Cocktails

While slimy cocktails aren't sexy, sharing a vivid description of these may trigger your love target to hold you tight.

1. Split Your Melon Open - Brain Fluid Float
Skin a few green grapes to float on top as garnish for MORE BRAINS impact.


2. Ghoulishly Ghostly Ecto-'rita
This hot little 'rita is slimed with little floating bits of pulp. Garnish the top with gummi ghosts and use mezcal with the worm if you're feeling ballsy.


The Bloody, Bobbing Bunch -- Halloween Cocktails

Want bloody good cocktails at your next Twilight - Vampire Diaries - True Blood sesh? Or for your next adult apple bobbing contest? Try these lip-licking libations at your next Halloween party…

1. Bobbing for Apples and Thyme Martini
Garnish with apple rounds. Use a melon baller to get your perfect curve on.


2. Vampire’s Blood Tequila Cocktail
Guests will suck these dry. Garnish each with a set of candy vampire teeth, placing the love bite into the lime on the rim.


3. Blood-Red Lime Rickey
Cherry lime ricky lovers -- this is for you. Top off with an edible candy severed finger. Sexy meets Saw V, anyone?


Amazing lead photo credit: Jonathan Haas, Flickr | Learn how he shot it here. | DIGG this.

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