Fans of Wallace and Gromit and Pee Wee Herman will be cheered by the news that a automatic breakfast machine is now a reality.

The Rube Goldberg-type invention was masterminded by Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura in Amsterdam of Platform 21.

Using recycled parts from their previous work including toy cars and IKEA lamps -- and soliciting input and suggestions from visitors -- the duo constructed a vast, yet fully functional machine that prepares omelettes, coffee and toast with jam.

Unfortunately, eagle-eyed Asylum readers will note the machine does not cook bacon, rendering it all-but useless. Back to the drawing board Yuri and Masa.

Check out the video, some pics and the machine's obvious inspiration below...

Of course we still love Pee Wee's attempt. Less functional and, you know, real, perhaps, but still awesome.

Updated: There's always Family Guy's attempt too...

Updated 2: ... And the obligatory Lego version of the above.