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Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is Set to Release a Posthumous Single

Late pop megastar Michael Jackson is set to release a posthumous single called 'This Is It' later this year.

Much like Obi Wan, Michael Jackson seems to have grown more powerful in death than he was in life. The singer's proposed 50 night run in the O2 Arena may have fallen through but that hasn't prevented a flood a releases attached to the residency.

Michael Jackson topped the charts worldwide following his death. Thanks to the digital age fans had complete access to his back catalogue, sending a series of classic hits racing up the charts.

Breaking sales and radio airplay records, Michael Jackson's death seemed to remind the world what a potent pop force he once was. The singer was working on new material right up until his demise, with a new single set to be drawn from these sessions.

Titled 'This Is It' the new track is set for release on October 12th. Recorded before his death, the single is due to feature in the upcoming documentary about the proposed O2 run - also called 'This Is It'.

The forthcoming single is set to feature backing vocals from his brothers in the Jackson 5. A message posted on Michael Jackson's official website states that the track will be taken from a new compilation album, due for release on October 26th.

Also titled 'This Is It' the new album will feature past hits by Jackson in the order they appear in the forthcoming film. The second disc features previously-unreleased mixes of selected hits, plus a spoken word poem from Jackson entitled 'Planet Earth'.

Michael Jackson's new single 'This Is It' will be released on October 12th.