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Friday, September 25, 2009

Jack, What The F*** Happened Here!?

A friend of a friend sent us these pics. The guy had recently moved in with his girlfriend. She was away a few days and apparently came back earlier than expected.

Personally we don't see what her problem is. (OK, it probably would've been nice to have the toilet seat down.) But the bathroom has pretty much what you'd expect. A bunch of sh*t on the floor. (We're not crazy about the spotted underwear...but that's personal taste.) Duct tape, flashlight/lantern, sports equipment (cleats, tennis racket). Of course there's the basic TV-remotes, some kind net thing hanging on the wall and, of course, handcuffs.

She wasn't happy. (See Note. It's what greeted him when he returned -- to watch TV or use the duct tape or...wait, what is that rubber duck doing there?)

According to our friend, the guy has since moved out. Look, if his girlfriend can't tolerate the slightest bit of untidiness in a shared bathroom, what does that say about the big things? more rants