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Friday, June 19, 2009

Woman disfigured after injecting lube into her face

If you're looking for cheaper alternatives to botox and silicone injections from the doctor to pretty up your face, think again. This lady learned the hard way.

This Twin Cities mom, who didn't want to be named, bought 100% silicone lube online and syringes at a local pharmacy and tried to inject it herself. The product clearly says it's a personal lubricant for external use only.

Her experiment ended miserably and she now has pools of lube in her lips and cheekbones. She's facing huge medical bills to fix her face.
The woman bought the silicone online for $10, hoping to make her upper lip fuller and fill in acne scars. She had previously been to a doctor who gave her silicone treatments, but the $2,700 price tag made it tough to go back again.

Despite the site's warnings about the lube, she figured it was the same because it was 100 percent silicone. So she bought it and did it herself. Bad idea. Unlike Botox and collagen, silicone is permanent because it isn't absorbed by the body. That's why she has lube pockets on her face now.

More from WCCO:
"Initially I thought I did a good job," she said. However, within a day her lips and cheek were disfigured.

"Its very frightening, its very embarrassing having to be in public," she said.

Now this Twin Cities mother will be going to California to consult with a plastic surgeon. She faces thousands of dollars in medical bills.

"I feel that some of it can be fixed. I don't know how much," she said.
Watch the video here.