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Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Send Files Larger Than 1GB - Sharewood Guide

Large files sending web services are a category of online collaboration tools that is made up of those applications that allow you to send huge files, even larger than 1GB, to one or more people, and without resorting to email attachments. In this week's Sharewood Guide, Robin Good and I have selected for you the best free tools that you can use to send very large files to your contacts and workmates.

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To help you select which service may best fit your large file sending needs, I am listing here the key characteristics of the services that allow you to send very large files to someone else at zero cost. Here they are:

  • File size: The maximum file size that the service accepts
  • File transmission method: Most of these services let you upload files to a server, so that they can be sent to more people at once. In some other cases, rather than uploading a file to a centralize server, P2P-like services provide direct connectivity so that you can send unlimited size files, requiring you and your recipients to be online at the same time
  • Time before deletion: Lets you decide how many days (or how many downloads) the file will stay online before it gets deleted
  • Registration: Informs you whether you need to to be registered or not in order to start sending large files

Here the tools I selected for you:

How To Send Files Larger Than 1GB Services - Comparison Table

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Tools List

  1. StreamFile
    StreamFile is a web based file sharing system that you can use to send files to any email address. Just input as many email addresses you want, pick a file up to 2GB, and click send. People will receive a download link to get the file, which you can also share via IM or as you wish.

  2. Fileai
    Fileai is a file sharing service that lets you send huge files to anyone. Just select the file you want to send, with no size limit, get the link, and share it with other people: the file will be sent directly from your PC to other people's, with no upload process. The service does not need any registration and it is free to use.

  3. Tranfer Big Files
    Transfer Big Files is a free online service that anyone can use to share files online. With no registration needed (registered accounts can also manage files), you can upload any file up to 1GB of size and share it with anyone just by typing in their email address. Files will be stored online for 5 days or 10 days if you're registered. Free to use.

  4. DropSend
    DropSend is a free website that anyone can use to store and share files online. With a simple registration and no software to install, you can easily upload any type of file up to 1GB and share with everyone by typing their email address. A message with the download link will be sent automatically to that person. Plus it can also be used to store your files online and carry them with you wherever you are. Free to use.

  5. File Dropper
    File Dropper is an online file hosting website that you can use to send large files with anyone. With no registration you can upload any file up to 5GB and, after the upload progress bar has finished, you will be given a sharing link for other people to get the file. Apart from the basic free version, other paid versions are available for password-protected sharing and up to 25GB of space per file. Free to use.

  6. PipeBytes

    PipeBytes in a web-based tool that anyone can use to share files, with no size limitation. If you want to send a file, just click the "Send" button, browse for you file, and click "Upload". You will be provided with a pick-up code, or simply with a pick-up URL, that will connect your and your friend's computer to send the file directly, with no uploading process. Free to use, no registration needed.

  7. Filemail

    Filemail is a web-based file sharing system that you can use to send an unlimited number of files, up to 2GB each, to anyone who has an email address. With no registration needed, you can send any file just by selecting it from your PC through the Flash-based interface, set the options, such as the number of days the file will be available for, type the receiver's email, and click send. When the progress bar will finish, an email will be sent to your friend with the download link. Free.

  8. ADrive

    ADrive is a new web-base file hosting solution which gives you 50 GB of online free storage for free. After you create an account, you are able to upload all of your files online through a web-upload, but a new uploading solution will be available soon. You can use ADrive as your online backup hard-drive, but you can click the button "Share", and make your files public so that anyone can access them anytime. Completely web-based and free.

  9. Podmailing

    Podmailing is a kind of P2P application for Windows and Mac machine that enables users to exchange files with absolutely no size limit. When sending a file, a notification email will be sent to the other user, and the file will be transferred directly from your PC to your recipients, who can download it using the Podmailing software, any BitTorrent client or with a standard http download, so that your recipients are not required to install the Podmailing software. Free.

Originally written by Nico Canali De Rossi and Robin Good for Master New Media and first published on August 11th 2008 as "How To Send Files Larger Than 1GB - Sharewood Guide"