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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tom Brady Rescued After Flipping Kayak

If you need a quick chuckle on this Hump-Day morning, just picture a future Hall of Fame quarterback needing to be rescued from a kayaking mishap -- while watching his supermodel wife safely scooting down the stream.

Yes, Tom Brady -- the all-everything quarterback of the New England Patriots -- rented a pair of kayaks Sunday with wife Gisele Bundchen so they could ride down the Charles River side-by-side. Whether he was a bit more adventurous or less capable with the kayak, we don't know. What we do know is that Brady cap-sized his ride and needed to be saved by another man.
"He had to be rescued," an unidentified spectator told the Boston Herald. "The launch guy went out and got him and got him back in the kayak. He's been bragging about it ever since. He's telling everyone he rescued Tom Brady."

"It was more embarrassment than real danger," the spectator said.
It's gotta be pretty tough to embarrass someone who has achieved such great feats on the football field. Brady, after all, has only won three Super Bowls, steered a team to an undefeated regular season, won a league MVP, and holds the record for single-season touchdown passes. He's in the argument for the best quarterback in the history of football. It just goes to show we all have our little moments of humility.

I'm guessing Patriots fans are hoping he stays out of the water for the rest of his playing career, because apparently, he doesn't possess quite the same skills when it comes to kayaking.