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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Best Christopher Walken Impressions on YouTube

Pacino. Nicholson. Cosby. De Niro. Eastwood.

One thing these cinematic legends all have in common -- besides, as we imagine, arthritic pain and toilet paper made of dollar bill$ -- is that they are the catalyst for epic impressions. A name that should not only be included in that list, but perhaps at the very top for its level of infamy, alone, is Christopher Walken.

The actor, who was born in Queens but sounds like as if were raised on Planet Flooboort (where, of course, all citizens speak in a stuttered, vowel-heavy drawl) has earned him plenty of admirers, especially since his ubiquitous hosting gigs on SNL, the most famous of which made "More Cowbell" a treasured national utterance.

Naturally, plenty have flocked to YouTube (many as part of now-finished contest Walken The Walk) to show off their chops, and we've chosen a few faves below: