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Monday, June 22, 2009

Giants Stadium Demolition and the Hunt for Hoffa

With Giants Stadium scheduled to be torn down next year, authorities could have the opportunity to see if Jimmy Hoffa really is buried under the turf. Turns out they don't plan on finding out.

According to officials at the FBI, they aren't planning on taking advantage of the demolition to put a 20 year-old rumor to rest.

"If there was some credible information, we wouldn't wait until the stadium was being demolished," Special Agent Bryan Travers told the [Philadelphia Inquirer]. "We would go in there and aggressively look for it ...

"We would never wait this long. ... We would have no problem digging a giant hole at the 50-yard line if we thought there was reason to act," he said.

Wait. They bulldozed a horse farm in Michigan, ripped up blood-stained floorboards after a death bed confession, and destroyed a backyard pool, all in search of Hoffa's remains. Yet they won't take advantage of an existing demolition to close a 34 year-old case?

The rumor that Hoffa is buried under Section 107 at Giants Stadium has become very much a part of the stadium's history. Maybe it's one of things that is better left to imagination and mystery. Like the Black Dahlia. The lone gunman. The Bermuda Triangle. Steve Nash's hair.