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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Red Laser - The First Accurate iPhone Barcode Scanner - Hits The App Store


There already are a few barcode related applications in the app store, but they all have one thing in common - they don't really work. Red Laser, which has just hit the iTunes App Store, is the ultimate iPhone barcode scanner, which works just like one of those red-laser scanners at the checkout (hence the name.)

Red Laser is made by Occipital, the minds behind ClearCam, the application which is responsible for greatly enhancing your iPhone's camera.

What Red Laser Does

Scan an item, and instantly have access to a bunch of online prices and information. Scan movies at the store and beam them to your TiVo. Scan a book and check for online reviews. Scan a food item and add it to your grocery list.

Redlaser1 Redlaser2 Redlaser3


Beyond the fact that it's the first accurate iPhone barcode scanner for UPC and EAN, probably the most noteworthy thing about RedLaser is that the developers are not keeping the technology locked in their own products. Instead, they've made an SDK available so others can integrate it in their apps too.

The RedLaser application allows you to use Google product search to find online prices, and allows you to keep a list of all your scanned items.

RedlaserA RedlaserB

RedLaser is certainly a great shopping assistant for every iPhone user.