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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Worlds Coolest and Most Useless Pool Table

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The G-1 is the world's first and only transparent top pool table.

Utitlising worldwide patented technology it changes everything, but the game.

The G-1's styling brings the game into the 21st century.

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The G-1™ is like no other pool table.

It’s a fusion of modern styling and new technology; featuring a transparent playing area with glass top and patented resin playing surface.

Ultra modern frame with integrated ball return.

Plays just like a regular table… with more style.

The future is here.

The playing surface and glass top:

G-1™ incorporates 2 exciting technological developments:

1. The patented transparent Vitrik™ playing surface replaces the traditional felt surface
2. Toughened glass replaces the traditional slate bed.

Vitrik™ playing surface:

1. Is Transparent
2. Replicates the rolling resistance of a traditional felt playing surface.
3. Creates a stunning ‘floating on air’ effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly.
4. Retains the same roll characteristics over its entire lifetime.

Glass playing bed:

1. Transparent
2. 15mm thick
3. Toughened so it’s 4 – 6 times stronger than standard glass
4. Features a beautiful exposed polished edge

The frame:

1. All new design
2. Modern, lightweight and open style
3. Solid and robust ensuring a stable playing area
4. Available in a wide range of colours

Additional Features:

1. Integrated ball return - aesthetically integrated into the table design.
2. Pocketed balls can be seen cascading through the frame into the storage area.
3. International BCA-specification pockets, K-66 bumpers, playing area size and height

Accessories (included):

1. Quality standard size 2.25” balls
2. Quality custom cues in Silver finish
3. Triangle.
4. Vitrik surface polishing agent