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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vikings' Punter Considers Changing His Name To 'World Of Warcraft'

I love video games. But not so much that I'd consider changing my name over them. However, Chris Kluwe from the Minnesota Vikings wants to ensure he'll have the highest selling NFL jersey.

Chris Kluwe does two things really well: Punting footballs and playing video games. Kluwe is known for being an avid gamer, so much so that he discusses them on his very own radio show on Minnesota's 93X station. During the season, Kluwe talked about the idea of changing his last name to something that would certainly make any Blizzard fan feel jealous.

"Back when [Bengals receiver] Chad Johnson changed his name to Ocho Cinco, I told the guys at 93X that I was going to change my name to Chris 'World of Warcraft' " Kluwe said. "They said that's too long. So they started calling me Chris 'Warcraft.' I could make a lot of money if I changed my name to that."

It's hard to tell if he's being facetious or not. But considering how much WoW playing he reportedly does, this is something that needs to be taken seriously.

It should also be pointed out that Kluwe recently signed a contract extension through 2013 that will pay him 8.3 million dollars. Not bad for someone whose job it is to kick a ball around for 2 hours once a week. So yeah, Chris, you don't need anymore money. Your life is just fine.

As for his radio show, Kluwe said his listeners would actually prefer if he'd talk less about football and more about video games.

"I think more people like to hear me talk about playing video games than football," said Kluwe, an expert at many video games. "I've played video games since I was 4 years old. I play them a lot more than I kick a football. I kick the ball about 45 minutes a day. I play video games about five or six hours a day. But that's OK. I don't watch TV."

If you wanted to change your last name to any video game title, what would it be? If I were forced to, I would pick Jim 'God Hand.'


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