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Friday, November 14, 2008

Strange Brew: Five unusual beers you gotta try

Sam Adams Utopias

At 50 proof, this brew is ranked by Guinness World Records as the world's strongest beer. With no carbonation and a malty, maple-syrup flavor that's similar to that of port wine, it's more like a fine sipping liqueur than a chuggable beer.

2.) THE SPICIEST: Cave Creek Chili Beer
With a real chili pepper in each bottle, this Arizona brew is hot. More of a novelty beer, it will burn a hole in your stomach if you drink more than one or two.

3.) THE MOST UN-BEERLIKE: Lindemans Kriek Cherry Lambic
This dark red, Belgian beer is almost like a cherry soda: sweet, highly carbonated, and distinctly cherry-flavored. But it still has that dry under-taste that lets you know it's a beer.

4.) BEER WITH A KICK: Dogfish Head Chicory Stout
Remember when Drew Carey created Buzz beer, a mix of coffee and beer? The brewing world took note and came out with this Delaware stout. Made with roasted chicory, organic Mexican coffee, and licorice root, this brew is rich and spiced, with a definite coffee aftertaste and even a hint of cloves.

5.) JUST PLAIN UNIQUE: Rogue Chipotle Ale
From the home of the brewpub, this Oregon ale is made with chipotle chilies for a smoky, slightly bitter flavor. You barely taste the chipotle . . . at first. Just wait—you get a nice little kick about five seconds after you swallow.