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Friday, November 14, 2008

Gas prices dip below $2 in Boston

Samia Letaief, Reginald Ellis, and Edward Baez, were happy with the gas prices today at Hatoff's in Jamaica Plain.

By Martin Finucane, Globe Staff

Yes, you can believe your eyes. Gas prices under $2 per gallon have arrived in Boston.

Customers at Hatoff’s on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain welcomed the station’s price of $1.99.9 this afternoon.

“It really feels good,” said Marc Millien, 31, of Dorchester. “It’s a big surprise. ... I hope it goes down more.”

“It’s been forever,” said Samia Letaief, 46, of Hyde Park. “It really has.”

Gas prices around the state have been dropping down to just above $2 a gallon, according to massachusettsgasprices. com. And dozens of stations -- many in the southeastern portion of the state -- have begun offering gas below $2.

Stations in Brockton, Taunton and Whitman, as well as North Andover are offering gas today for as low as $1.93 per gallon, according to the website.

In Boston, the website lists Hatoff’s and stations in Dorchester, Brighton, and West Roxbury as dropping below that magical $2 mark.

The prices are a far cry from the average high of $4.09 for the Boston area recorded in July by AAA of Southern New England.

The dropping prices come at a good time, people at Hatoff’s said, with the economy in turmoil.

“I’m unemployed right now,” said Reginal Ellis, 51, of Boston. “So this is really good.”