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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 Reasons Why I Hate the World of Warcraft

A very interesting article....

Anonymousca120 is flaming WOW.
My ex boyfriend started playing wow about a year and half ago, in March 2007.

Back then, we were still dating (we had a 3 years long term relationship). The first year when he was playing wow, we were spending time mostly apart from each other ( I was finishing my BFA in LA, and he works and lives in SF the whole time). I could never tell how much time he spent on playing wow during that day when we were apart, but I knew,HE PLAYED WAY TOO MUCH.

This year, when I finally finished school and moved in with him in SF, I saw the real pattern of his life. He wouldn't eat unless I bring him food (to his computer desk), he wouldn't hang out with his friends anymore or even me(no social life AT ALL), he complained and blamed all to this country economy and prejudices, and became really really cynical. Every time I tried to talk to him in logic, he wouldn't listen. From time to time, I tried to pull him away from wow, but it never worked. This May 2008, our relationship came to an end. Lot of reasons. He broke off with me. I can't blame it to wow, but there is a thing: our relationship just went straight downhill (like a free fall) since he spend about 18 hours a day playing that game, I was never again important in his life. I spent sometimes to cool off from the break up, and now, I'm still seeing him play wow every moment he is awake, and the situation has gotten even worse............He lost basically all his friends,social life, he hates the life in the US, and himself.........
Now, as friend of his(or last one in SF...), I still deeply concern about his physical and mental health even he and I are no longer together. I didn't study psychology in college, so maybe I wasn't using the right methods to help him realizing how important is getting his normal self back on track.

Can anybody provide informations to help quit the game?
Have you ever helped a friend to quit successfully?
Any tips?

Here are his conditions:
1, He tried to uninstall the game many times, but installed it back within 1 week. He specially told me one day,that when he was a little boy, his mom had hide his games to prevent him from playing too much, and he really hated that. I had never tried to hide the install CD since then because of what he had told me about his childhood gaming story, and his obsession of playing more and more games all the way till now (he is turning 28).

2,He would occasionally wanted to quit, but could never really resist over one week.

3,He lost all his interests of networking and socializing. Recently, he had told I am his only friend. How sad....

4,I tried to get his roommates to help him, or take him out once in a while. He later told me,"they are not my real friends, they just wanted to humiliate me, because I'm such a loser who's spending all day playing game". So my effort failed.

5,He hates being in America(he was born in east coast), and he feels he is a minority in the bottom of the society, and no one respects him; he said something like white man gets all the girls, ABCs can only stay home playing video game ..... he expressed how much he wanted to go to China to start his business; the reason he is playing so much is --- he has nothing to do in this country until he escape from this "living hell".

6,I can go on for an hour.

Please... someone help me (him) figure out what to do? He was a really really loving man before. He used love to travel (we drove all the way from CA to Canada, and traveled many times to east coast),love to make new friends; He had great sense of humor. He is very smart and did awesome in college (3.9 GPA). I can't watch him like this............................................................................................

I will be really appreciate if some one offer me any tips to help me help him quit wow.


Thanks a lot for reading this!!