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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Crisis? $2 Million Aston One-77 receives 100 interested buyers

Whoever said the global financial crisis is forcing everyone to tighten up their spending habits, think again: The super-rich need not apply. At this year's Paris Motor Show, Aston Martin partially unveiled its most expensive and likely most powerful car called the One-77. The supercar is expected to easily command a price tag of over 1.2 million pounds ($2.08 million). What's surprising about this astonishing price though is not how many zeros it's comprised of, but rather how many interested buyers the British automaker has found that are are willing and able to buy the car.

Over 100 serious buyers have signed up to purchase the bespoke car, but the trouble is, only 77 will be built by a dedicated team at the marque's Gaydon plant. Speculation leads most to believe the car will be powered by a handbuilt 700-plus hp 7.0L V-12 capable of propelling the carbon fiber constructed sports car to over 200 mph. The car will feature a unique design that implements the latest in active aerodynamics.

If the initial sticker shock wasn't enough, prior to the limited distribution of the One-77 slated for late 2009, buyers will have to wire over a pocket change deposit of 200,000 pounds ($350,000).

Source: Telegraph