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Friday, September 19, 2008

SGN Launches Wii-like iGolf For iPhone.

by Michael Arrington on September 17, 2008

Once you’re done turning your iPhone photos into works of art that Monet would be envious of, check out iGolf, a minutes-old app created by Palo Alto-based Social Gaming Network.

The application uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect a golf-swing like motion with the phone. Choose a club and swing the iPhone just like a golf club. Save your high scores and challenge your friends to beat your distance. Our best score with the driver so far is 406 yards.

The app is free, which will be appreciated by those of us who’ve spent untold numbers of quarters playing Golden Tee at the local bar. TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid tests the app - see the video below.

Try not to throw your iPhone through the window while playing. But if you do throw your iPhone through a window, please send us a video of you doing it.

Update: We just got screenshots of the unreleased next version of iGolf, which lets users play simulated games in addition to the driving range app:

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