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Friday, September 19, 2008

2011 Pagani C9 gets own factory

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With Pagani's upcoming retirement of its Zonda supercar, the Italian manufacturer is making room for the next dramatic project: the 2011 Pagani C9. This includes approval of a new factory that will be three times bigger than the current Pagani facility and will be ready in time for the launch of the C9 in 2010.

The new car will be built in far greater numbers than the Zonda, which was only available in select markets and had production limited to 16 units each year. The new C9 will have a much wider release and is being called a "global model" by the automaker.

The C9 is currently in development with four different prototypes. The automaker is now testing their endurance and versatility before deciding which will be produced at the upcoming factory. It is also worth noting that Pagani's new car is even more unusual for the fact that, save for the powertrain, it's being produced entirely in-house.

Source: Evo