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Monday, September 29, 2008

Microsoft Launches Website for New Xbox Experience

Check out some videos showing what to expect from the 360 dashboard reboot.

By Kris Pigna, 09/28/2008
New Xbox 360 Dashboard image

Microsoft still hasn't given an exact release date for when the "New Xbox Experience" dashboard overhaul will be released, but if you want to get an early impression of what to expect (coated in a delicious glaze of Microsoft's promotional exaltations), then head over to their new website -- itself modeled on the new navigation method coming in the update -- that's filled with videos that do just that.

Among the promotional videos to watch are an overall recap of what the new features will include (hosted by none other than Xbox Live GM Marc Whitten and Xbox Live corporate vice president John Schappert), as well as videos specifically showing off the new friends features, and how the Avatars work. That Avatar video, by the way, has the tag-line "Dress yourself up, or go a little wild," which at least seems to indicate the ability for virtual streaking, but it's more likely just an unfortunate choice of words.

Again, there's still no release date, but a recent rumor indicated this overhaul would go live in November. We'll have more on the New Xbox Live Experience soon, so stay tuned.